Paint and the Environment - Johnstones Paints

Paint and the Environment

We're always looking for new ways to help reduce the environmental impact of our products here at Johnstone's and we take great pride in creating products that help you be a little bit greener.

Our emulsion paints are all water based and carry a low VOCs rating (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are materials that evaporate from paint and are potentially harmful to the environment. In addition, our Quick Dry Gloss and Satin paints are also water based meaning you don't have to worry about destroying the planet when you are decorating your dining room!

If you want to take saving the planet a step further, all of our tins, both metal and plastic, can be recycled. If you're not sure where to recycle them all you have to do is contact your Local Authority and they'll gladly point you in the direction of the nearest recycling point in the area.

Our tins are also fully reusable so why not hang on to them for a future job just make sure you keep them out of the cold as if they get frosty they'll be unusable. And remember if family or friends have a project coming up pass on our colour card. If, however, you and yours have got all the colour you can handle please help our colour card find its way to a recycled paper bin!